Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Blacked Out

What is it about all black that makes an outfit look so damn chic and pulled together? Oh, I know, ME! I make the outfit look terribly chic and pulled together. Ok, ok, there I go again - I'm such a jokester. But, seriously, come winter and you will find me 95% of the time in black, black and NEON! You gotta have some neon in your winter wardrobe guys, get with it.
Not to excite you though, no neon in this post, well okay, some neon is shown with my rad arm candy..but back to the post title! I was blacked out on Monday, baby. I was so blacked out I couldn't even remember how I got home. Kidding, was that funny? I'm not so sure myself.

 Vest: Rag & Bone Leather Jacket: Banana Republic Turtleneck: Club Monaco Skirt: Zara Leather leggings: Barneys New York Shoes: KORS Michael Kors Scarf: Yarnz Bracelets: Bijoux
While you can't see it in this pic because my ginorm (as in ginormous) scarf is covering it, I took a cue from Celine F'12 and donned a turtleneck. Yes, turtlenecks ARE cool and they're even cooler if they accentuate and highlight your double chin. See photos below.
 BOO! Did me and my vest scare you? Because I'm pretty sure I creeped out a few kids (and probably my boyfriend) in this spooky Halloween outfit. Fashion, costumes, they practically go hand in hand.
You can't tell from these wonderous photos, but I was actually wearing a skirt over those pants. For all you trend watchers out there, skirts over pants, skirts over pants...GO FOR THE GOLD. It'll be a real winner, just sit back and watch. Anyway, it looked totally rad, I'll have to do another post highlighting this for all my sweet readers. 
xoxo Andie