Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Life...

PLEASE pardon my lack of posts. I know it's only day three of having a real job, but dude, I'm exhausted! I've been totally guilty over kind of abandoning my blog, but between work and trying to keep up with all things Bijoux, I don't know where the time goes! I originally had this super rad idea to post a daily photo diary of my work outfits for my first week. Why? Well, not only because I am your favorite fashion inspiration (ok, I'm kidding) but really, it's because I thought it might be helpful to all of you new workers out there as well. We all know how important first impressions are and what better way than to dress to impress for an entire week! Okay, well I guess I dress to impress (myself) everyday but, whatever. Now, before we get to Day Three outfit, please keep in mind I look way more normal in the morning than at 8:00 at night. With that said, here we go!
 Cardi: J.Crew Blouse: Equipment Skirt: Zac Posen Flats: Chanel Bag: Celine Bracelet: Juicy Couture
While still somewhat conservative, I managed to add my own personal style to this outfit which is pretty rad. I wish this damn humidity would just GO AWAY because my hair looked great before I left my house this morning. Major bummer seeing myself in the mirror once I arrived at work.
PS. I'm super obsessed with this skirt. It's a mix between a denim and twill and it oddly turned out to be an awesome combo. Add the great floral print and detailed waistband, and I'd pretty much call it perfection. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Day Four outfit, I promise it'll be exciting! 
xoxo Andie

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bittersweet Goodbye

Tomorrow is Friday (Friday, Friday, gotta get down....), I'm feeling a little bittersweet about this week ending. Why, you ask? Well come Monday, I can kiss my care free summer into fall days goodbye because I will become a real person. I mean, yes I'm real, I exist, but real as in J-O-B real. Now, that's what I call real! Since I was feeling a bit moody today, I had to dress the part (kind of). I recently picked up this adorable little Anna Sui dress that, of course, is done in one of her ah-maze prints in moody blues and purples with metallic threading throughout. I felt it matched my mood...
 Vest: Club Monaco Dress: Anna Sui Booties: Sam Edelman
Well, well, well, look who it infamous Club Monaco vest!!! Did you guys miss it?! I sure did..
I'm pretty sure my mood(iness) can be thoroughly seen in my face throughout all of these pictures, wouldn't you agree? 
Also, please note that the adorable little munchkin in the portrait behind my head is none other than myself (clearly, I've always been fashionable). Also note, my face. Not even a trace of a smile...moody. I guess I never grew out of it.

Let me just say that I adore this dress because the print and silhouette were made for me, seriously. The dress is the lovechild of preggo style dress and tent like dress (the two never married, it just wasn't accepted). See, told ya it was made for me! The print, on the other hand, is just a product of Sui's amazing brain. Wish my brain could come up with bad ass prints like that. 

Bracelets: Bijoux Bracelets
And of course, the newest additions to my ever growing arm candy collection.
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Black & White All Over Part Two

Yet another black and white post...what can I say, I have a thing for that classic color combo. I love it until it looks like I'm about to take your order when I go out to dinner with friends, then I kind of hate it. I guess you could call it a love/hate relationship then? I digress (as usual).

New York is in full bitch mode, I mean change of season mode, where one day it's hot and I'm chin-chillen at the beach and the next day I'm wearing a trench coat, freezing in the pouring rain. NOR-MAL. I've tried to keep things simple, pack layers and grin and bear it until I can confidently retire my summer wardrobe (tear). Now, on to today's look...
Tee: Vince Pants: Topshop Shoes: Bottega Veneta  Necklace: J.Crew
Let me tell YOU matter how bad my boyfriend makes fun of me, I still love me a good pair of harems. Nothing like a diaper butt in the name of fashion, I tell ya.
Well here's a more normal shot. The pants are the perfect weight for this type of damp, chilly kind of warm at the same time weather. I had my trusty Club Monaco vest on before BUT, I thought you guys might be tired of seeing it considering I wear it with practically everything.

Cuffs: Black House White Market, Dannijo  Beaded Bracelets: Bijoux Bracelets
H-E-L-L-O arm candy, don't mind if I do! My staple cuffs have not failed me once and literally are the perfect arm candy additions. Oh wait, there is something perhaps more perfect than those cuffs... my Bijoux Bracelets (cough self plug cough cough). Clicky Clicky on the linky and let's be friends (Facebook friends, that is) and check out my rad line of bracelets. You might fall in love. You also might become ridiculously obsessed with weighing down your arm with an abnormal amount of arm candy. As long as you look like a total bad ass (which you will) then who cares. 

Until tomorrow sweet readers, I say farewell.
xoxo Andie

Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYFW Shots

 Green. Reptile Print. All. Over. Hello, are you loving this monochromatic/reptile head to toe look as much as I am.
Leather with leather accessories will never get old. I'm loving the neutral and light colors in this look and find it refreshing as compared to the normal black on black, leather with leather look.
Photos via:
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYFW Faves Part Two

So many shows to view, so little time! I know it's fashion week and I've kind of been slacking on posting, but Bijoux Bracelets has kind of taken over right now. The amount of orders coming in is somewhat overwhelming, but in a good way! I'm excited to keep sharing the progress and growth of this new business with you all!

Moving on to my current favorite shows. Let's start today with a super rad designer that I've been loving for a while now, Chris Benz.
I adore the prints I saw throughout his collection and the layering techniques he used when styling. How chic with a touch of cool girl "swag". Hehe, yes I just said swag, WEIRD! The collection was a neutral palette throughout with bursts of color that just made the entire look seem completed. I also really loved the super wide leg pants, nothing screams boyfriend approved like pants that look like oversize sacks over each leg. YES.

Now, let's talk Preen. I have always been a fan of Preen's streamlined and classic silhouettes with a touch of edginess in design. For spring, I saw what seemed to be Preen's girliest and frilliest collection to date but it worked with the elegant and sophisticated silhouettes and looks. Take a look for yourselves...
My favorite look here is the printed crop top with the amazingly tailored pants; work approp? Sure, why not! Nothing says professional like a bare midriff. Okay I kid about that look being work appropriate, but regardless, I'm in love.
Moving on to another one of my favorite designers Zero + Maria Cornejo. I had the privilege of meeting the designer, Maria Cornejo, on a few occasions while interning at Barneys, and what an amazing woman! Each season, I am more amazed with her designs and use of texture and textiles. 
Spring 2012 is definitely a favorite of mine.
From her unique and wild prints, to the amazing silhouettes that seemingly no other designer can replicate, I could see myself in every piece! Her go to silk dresses were, as usual, amazing in pops of bright colors like the purple shown above, or with hints of prints. Her pieces had great fluidity and the color palette while a bit diverse, worked well together. Another great collection!

Lastly, a new favorite, Timo Weiland 's first runway show!

First, let me say I am obsessed with the bevy of crop tops with skirts that came down that runway! Yes, yes and YES! The floral digital prints worked perfectly and could not have been done better; the silhouettes shown were pure perfection. Of course, the hints of sheer that are shown always get me, because, you know, sheer is a shoe in! The more muted colors worked great with the separate brighter looks that came out, like a beautiful orangey/red mini cocktail dress. I absolutely loved each look and find that this collection is completely, 100% wearable. First dibs on the white sheer dress!
All photos via
xoxo Andie

Sunday, September 11, 2011

NYFW Recap

Sure, I know I'm behind guys but there is just too much to look at and love! I've had a hard time editing down some of my favorite collections to show on here. Let's take a look at what we have so far, first up is a personal fave, Alex Wang...
Mesh details, sporty-chic inspired garments coming down the runway and totally rad prints - my kind of collection. Once again, Alexander Wang has designed the perfect garments for the cool, downtown girl who never tries too hard. I really adored the pants with the mesh details and the ombre type print shown in the second picture. While I definitely missed the mink wrapped sunglasses shown last year for FW'11, this collection makes it a little easier to let those go.
Next up, probably my favorite collection thus far, Prabal Gurung
What. To. Say. Absolutely breathtaking, amazing, to-die-for, this is why I love fashion type of collection. From the amazing color palette of purple hues, crisp whites, and blues mixed in with amazing floral engineered prints, and of course splashes of sheer throughout, this collection really did me in. The silhouettes of the garments were pure perfection and I am totally seeing myself in the skirt in the fourth picture and completely owning the closing gown (shown in the third picture). Where I will wear that gown, who know, who cares, it will be mine either way. I love you Prabal, marry me.

Moving towards a more girly and light palette, we have Jill Stuart.

Stuart's collection was on my list of faves because of the refreshing color palette of pastel blues, pinks and citrusy yellows. The collection was chock full of girly dresses with hints of sheer here and there, mixed prints (palm print being my personal fave), and amazing pants and blazer combos in even radder colors. Can I also add that I most likely need the underwear as shorts and sweater look, in picture 2. 
My man, Yigal Azrouel has pretty much designed his Spring/Summer collection for me. Actually, I know he did and I just can't wait to own it.
Now, I won't man may or may not have taken a hint of inspiration from Celine, but it's all good, who wouldn't want to use Celine as inspiration! Boxy silhouettes, clean and simple necklines and the occasional jolt of color can be seen throughout his collection. My personal favorites are the three looks shown above; a classic white maxi shirt dress with a little bit o' leg for some sexiness (because I mean, with everything else covered we gotta give those boyfriends of ours something to look at, right?!). Super wide leg pantelones in a perfect blue with a camel top, yes I will take that and of course, that amazing printed dress. I adore the neckline on the dress, the color of the print and the length especially, it is a definite must have for me!

Last but not least, the two man duo that pretty much know how to design for the modern, sexy woman. I also like to think of Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra (of Costello Tagliapietra) as the masters of drapery. Take a looksie...
Now, I understand these looks may not be, uh, necessarily groundbreaking, but the fluidity of the dresses and the way the drape on the model's bodies are just pure heaven. The careful drapery around the hips and the smooth texture of each garment coming down the runway made for a perfectly even and fluid collection. I also really loved the prints the design duo used, especially when two colored prints were mixed, as seen in the second picture above. To me, Costello Tagliapietra are the go to designers for an effortlessly sexy look for the modern woman. 
Stay tuned for more NYFW faves!
All photos via
xoxo Andie

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Hairy Affair

Okay, well it wasn't so much a hairy affair as it was an actual hair affair. A hair affair as in a love affair, as in I am in love with my hair. Get it? Cool. I visited my absolute favorite and only salon I will go to in all of NYC, New Image, in Astoria, for a seriously rad style sesh. Check it, yo.
 Dope half fishbone braid into beachy waves...
And um, not to toot my own horn (which you know that I love to do) but, how about that color? I'm obsessed I won't lie. And I guess it's not tooting my own horn since I actually didn't perform any type of color or highlighting, but you catch my drift, no?
Haircolor, highlights and haircut by Chris
New Image
 Top: Zara (Greece) Shorts: Bird by Juicy Couture Cuff: Dannijo Bracelets: Bijoux Bracelets Necklaces: From Greece
This totally bad ass style by Dimitri

A big thank you to my AHMAZE hair masters Chris and Dimitri for making me look even more rad than I normally do (insert laugh here).
Check out New Image on Facebook HERE and call to make your appointment with any one of their amazing, expert stylists!
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away:What I Wore

There are several, SEVERAL things I hate about the rain; one being never knowing how to dress appropriately. Today was an exceptionally cool beginning of September rainy day and while, like I said, hate the rain, I was super excited to whip out my rad ass burgundy skinnies. I was quite busy today, so I had to look semi-decent, skipping merrily in the rain from borough to borough presenting my fabulous bracelet line, Bijoux Bracelets (if you haven't checked it out and scooped up something rad, what are ya waiting for! GO, GO, GO!). So, without further adieu, here's what I wore...
 Jacket: Banana Republic Tee: Sauce Jeans: AG Adriano Goldschmied Shoes: Pour La Victoire Necklace: Ettika
Well, clearly these pics were taken inside because, as much as I adore each and every one of you, I wasn't going to prance around in the rain for your sartorial delight!
 My pants match great with the decor of my house, no?
Silver Bangle: David Yurman All Beaded Bracelets: Bijoux Bracelets Cuff: Black House White Market
Arm candy, arm candy, arm candy! I swear, it's never enough. I can't stop layering and piling on. I'm pretty sure that soon enough, my forearms won't be visible, but, who cares. 
And now for the umbrella photoshoot...
 Umbrella Pose take one...
 Take two with a little more ass and flash (in the background, that is)
Take Three - See ya rain! Kiss my behind.
xoxo Andie

Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinner for Schmucks

What I mean is dinner with schmucks, and by schmucks I mean some of my best friends (RoulZ was too busy being social elsewhere). My friends are seriously some of the greatest and funniest people I have ever met and if you thought I was funny, oh baby wait until you hang out with us as a group. For example, the fabulous Amy coined kitten heels as "chicken nugget heels". I mean, I thought that was pretty genius. And for the record, I can safely say I don't think I will ever be seen in chicken nugget heels - I just can't get into it. Moving on...
We went down to Corsino Cantina in meatpacking for an "OMG, I DIE" type of meal, oh, and wine of course. I love this place because of its simple but delicious food and even  more delicious wine selection.

 Amazing array of various crostini - yum, yum, yum.
How beautiful is this pasta? Like for reals - basil pesto with arugula, pecorino and mushroom. 
Of course after we ate, I had to have a mini photo shoot. My darling friend Benny was a great photographer. Shout out to you Bens, thanks for being so rad.
You guys know I love me a good tent like dress...
 Especially if it has a tail! Weeee

 Silver w Red Cuff: Black House White Market Beaded Bracelets: Made by me (click me, click me!) Crystal Cuff: Dannijo Leather Wrap Bracelet: Juicy Couture
Obv no outfit is complete without some serious arm candy. I was loving last night's look, oh and I also love Benny's dope shoes in the pic too. Wouldn't you agree?
Enjoy the weekend peeps!
xoxo Andie