Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What to Wear to...a Job/Internship Interview

Over the years, I think I can safely say I've learned a thing or two when it comes to interview dressing. Numerous internship interviews and (luckily) a few job interviews before I landed my dream job and hey, some may call me an expert. Okay, so maybe not an expert but pretty close! 

My first rule before even dressing is doing a little company research (given). Much like when I talked about what to wear to your first day on the job here, I like to tailor my look depending on the company. Don't get too liberal peeps, after all, an interview is still an interview regardless of the company or the culture. So, moving on...
Blazer: Theory Blouse: Equipment Pants: Theyskens' Theory Shoes: L.A.M.B. Bag: YSL 
Watch: Michael Kors Bracelets: My Own Design 
Clean and classic with my own style infused; perfecto! As always, I like to keep my accessories to a minimum with just a watch on one wrist and a few of my rad bracelets on the other. Interviews are a sad day for arm candy, but then again, arm candy don't pay the bills! 

September is nearing and it's time for all of you slackers hard workers to go out and land that internship or job you've been lusting after! 
xoxo Andie

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fatherly Inspiration

An ode to my Papa and his infamous Hawaiian style button downs. What better way to celebrate Irene's bitchiness in ruining one of the last sweet weekends of summer than in a tropical inspired shirtdress. Take that! I'm not scared of you, Irene, bring it!!
 Shirtdress: Equipment Boots: Sam Edelman
Back to my Daddy, I'm sick of Irene getting all the attention. My dad has always had a real refined, classic and true gentleman like style. But come the warmer weather and out come those bad ass and wild tropical shirts. Thanks for the inspiration, Dad.
Do I look Hurricane Irene ass whooping ready, or what? I think I do... Okay, I won't really wear this out, my boots are suede, duh. But hey, it's a thought.
 Beaded Bracelets: Made by Moi Bracelet: David Yurman Leather Bracelet: Juicy Couture Cuff:Dannijo Necklace: Aqua
 How 'bout that for some rad arm candy?! And, not to toot my own horn or anything, but how killer are those beaded bracelets that I MADE?! (Toot, toot by the way). I mean, I think they're pretty awesome, won't you agree (please? just make me feel good about myself, ok). Creativity at its finest, baby.
Well, I'm off nothing! Stupid Irene!!!!! Get a life..
xoxo Andie

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rad in Plaid

Plaid practically runs through my veins, seriously. I may not be seen in it often come the summer months, but winter, spring, and fall I'm usually decked in some sort of plaid attire. To my surprise, plaid was still being shown on the Fall 2011 runways with various designers, Burberry and Thakoon among my faves.
 Burberry photo via
Thakoon photo via
Upon getting uber excited for fall weather, I thought that I would be nice and share with you all some of my favorite plaid pieces. I love these pieces so much that some are on my personal shopping list for the impending cooler weather. See how much I love you guys, I share with you my own, personal shopping list. Wow, that's pretty major. I'm just keeding with ya, I'd share anything with you guys. ANYTHING!!!! Okay, on to the good stuff...

Not too shabby, huh. I'm not sure what I'm obsessing over more, the Etoile Isabel Marant dress or the Rag & Bone bag! How rad is that bag; it is a definite fall must have for me. Oh, and let's not forget how adorable those plaid flats are! Let me be real for a minute, I am kind of dying for each and every piece! They're all just too good - they must be mine, all mine! 

I made myself a little too over excited for plaid fall wear, so excuse me while I online shop! (sorry, Mom). 
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Sheer Thing

An ode to all things sheer and see through because, well, because I said so! Okay, also because I do love me some sheer clothing. I little touch of sheer to any outfit always seems like the right choice, especially in today's case. I got my pretty little hands on this open crocheted and unlined Missoni maxi numba and it sat in my closet for months as I searched high and low for the just right under garment to pair underneath. Finally, I noticed I actually had my trusty Rag & Bone slip dress to throw underneath and let me tell you, pure perfection. A little coverage on top, a bunch of sheer on the for me!
 Dress: Missoni Vest: Rachel Rachel Roy Cuff: White House Black Market Shoes: Ash Sunnies: Chanel
I adore this maxi even more because of the camel top and rose colored bottom color blocking scheme. The colors work so well together and will be perfect worn right into fall. I'm thinking Rag & Bone Newbury booties, a sleek All Saints leather jacket, and hell, why not throw a fur vest on top too. Chic!
For the first time in a long time, I decided to keep my accessories (yes, arm candy included) to a minimum as I didn't wanted to distract from the beautiful and intricate pattern of the dress; it speaks volumes. Missoni pieces are always to beautifully made and the intricate patterns (especially those zig zags) get me every time.
What's your favorite sheer thing piece in your closet?
xoxo Andie

Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 3 Way Rule

If you're thinking something dirty, well, you're...WRONG, pervos! I have had this little rule for as long as I can remember for when I go shopping: if I can't envision myself wearing a specific garment 3 ways or more, I bow my sad little head, return said garment to its rightful rack, say my final goodbye and shed a tear (or two). Now, this rule doesn't apply to everything, use your discretion peeps. I'm talking dresses, rompers, certain tops, etc. Ya catch my drift?

Want to see the 3 Way Rule in action?! Of course you do!
Ready, set, GO!!!!
Here is the dress in question. A pretty black and white Maggie Ward number. But, will it succeed and make it past the 3 Way Rule? Let's find out.

Way 1: To work
Blazer: Zara Shoes: Chanel Cuff: Dannijo  Bangle: Hermes
How's this for a great work-wear look? Um, it's GREAT, duh! Simple, chic and easy, what more could you ask for? 
Now, say your friends want to go for drinks (because I know you have a rockin' social life) after work; how ever will we transform this dress into night time approp (as in appropriate). Allow me...

Way 2: After work drinky drinks
 Leather jacket: Monogram by Banana Republic Booties: Bottega Veneta Cuff: White House Black Market
Wawaweewa, very nice! Quick change of shoes and jacket, addition of some more jewels and you're transformed into a woman of the night! Hahah, oh I'm just kidding, you're not a woman of the night, I am! Here I go, kidding again. I'm not a woman of the night either. Really, I'm not. All jokes aside, I'd say this is one rad day to night look, eh? We're getting closer...

Way 3: Swankerific Soiree 
 Shoes: YSL Rings: H&M, YSL Necklace: Aqua
 Belt: JCrew
New dress? Nope, just the addition of the hidden (leopard, of course) belt and voila! A shorter, sleeker version of the above! 
WHAT! We made it to 3, the dress is ours mine! But wait, pair as is for a quaint little party, or trick this badass dress out for a night on the town with your main squeeze friends, because we all know your boyfriend isn't going out with you looking this ...
 Necklace: Dannijo Boots: Louboutin
Side note: These are my boyfriend's favorite boots. Really, they are. He often takes pleasure in referring to them as the "Frankenstein" boots. Man, "Jesus" shoes, "Frankenstein" boots, I've got almost all the bases covered with him...
Hey, I think I just added a way on top of a way! So, is this way 3.5 or 4? Let's say 3.5 because it sounds much cooler. 
Any lessons learned here, kiddies? I hope so! 
Remember, it's 3 Way or the highway.
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A Lil' Bit O' Leopard

A peek of leopard in any outfit surely brightens my day. As I sit here, sore from spin class this morning and enjoying my Fage yogurt, I contemplate how I will work some leopard into today's outfit. Then, it dawned on me that I had this rad little photo sesh stored on my computer. Low and behold, I was styling with a hint of leopard. Perfection. My life is complete.
 Dress: Theory Shirt: H&M Vest: Rachel Rachel Roy Shoes: Chanel Necklace: H&M Bracelets: Made by me Sunglasses: Celine
Oh hey, Tigre. Looking good, pup. And no, I am not choking her, simply holding her pretty little head in place. She loves the spotlight.
 A little prego here, are we?
So, is this not the perfect little touch of leopard or what? I wouldn't exactly call this a boyfriend approved outfit, but with a few tweaks and maybe a rad pair of booties and of course, loads of arm candy, you could totally turn it into one! A little imagination goes a long way, trust.
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where the Wild Pants Are

Do you like my play on "Where the Wild Things Are"? Clever, huh? Well, I thought so, so I'll just laugh (haha) to myself.  Whatever. Remember those super crazy rad leopard silk pants I talked about HERE ... well, that pair of pants will be the star of today's post. I just couldn't wait to show you all!

 Top: Equipment Pants: Aritzia Shoes: YSL 
Come on admit it, these are the raddest and baddest leopard pants you've ever laid eyes on! Do I know how to pick 'em or what? I kid, I kid, but seriously, they are dope. What I especially lurve about these bad boys is the fact that they can be paired so many ways. Versatility is a major plus in my book, peeps. How about a bright green neon top? Yes, I think so, or perhaps and pretty striped blouse and a pair of booties. Sure!
 I'm an animal, animal, I tell ya! (I got a little carried away with the whole leopard pant thing, I guess)
Aside from the fact that I can't stop yapping, well typing, about these pants, I'm also loving the neutrality of this look. Neutral tones and wild prints are definitely a fall trend and what better way to display my pre-fall excited-ness than this! Pretty darn good combination, if I do say so myself. 
Cheese! I thought I'd end today's post with my fabulous smile to put you all in an even more fabulous mood! Hehe, I kill myself, just kill myself!!
But really, is it bad to say I'm kind of ready for fall dressing? Stay tuned for some more pre-fall fun!
xoxo Andie

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Transition into Fall with Ease

There's one thing about New York "fall" that I really dislike, we never really have one! I stock pile up on amazing fall finds, dreaming up a million and one ways to wear each piece - yet I never really get the chance. This year, I've decided to buy a few transition pieces that I can easily wear now and then layer and play with to wear later (and later). My top picks are versatile so that you can obviously get your money's worth and work them in with new and old pieces from your own closet. Peep my picks...
Dress: Helmut Lang, $275
Vest:Old Navy, $35
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Boots: Sam Edelman, $285
Sweater: N.Peal Cashmere, $117
Necklace: Dannijo, $170
Ring: Modcloth, $13
Cuffs: Dannijo, $238 & $300

I am loving each and every piece, so much so that my mind is currently overflowing with about a gazillion ways to wear and pair each item! Here are a few ideas on mixing and matching for wear now and wear later:

Wear Now: Helmut dress, Old Navy vest, Sam Edelman booties, all accessories shown (and then some)
Wear Now: Levi's shorts, Sam Edelman booties, N.Peal sweater (for those cool summer nights), Dannijo cuffs and necklace
Wear Now: Levi's shorts, white crew neck tee, Old Navy vest, flat sandals for a chic, casual look.

Wear Later: Helmut dress, N.Peal sweater over, black tights, Sam Edelman booties, Dannijo necklace, gold and silver chain bracelets piled high
Wear Later: Levi's shorts layered with tights underneath, Sam Edelman booties (or substitute motorcycle boots for an edgier look), N.Peal sweater, leather jacket, Old Navy vest over leather jacket
Wear Later: Helmut dress, black tights, slashed or cropped sweater (try here or here), fur vest, Sam Edelman booties

Now that I've loaded your pretty, little minds with explosive ideas for the most fabulous transitional summer to fall wardrobe, go shop!
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Love Match is Made

Here's yet another post where I profess in my pictures my undying love for military green and it's amazing pairing with ivory. I just can't help myself here, guys.
 Oh, hey, here I am just tying my shoes. Well, actually, this pair of Rochas espadrilles is actually my Mom's. But, whatever, what's hers is mine and what's mine is mine. Love you, Mom!
Army green and ivory, from the head all the way down to the toes. I mean, you must be able to tell by now that I am a little obsessed. But, I want you to be obsessed too! Military green easily goes with most colors, but it really brightens up any ivory/white/beige piece that it's paired with. Go on, try it for yourselves, you'll see what I mean.
 Vest: Club Monaco Blouse: Equipment Skirt: Bird Shoes: Rochas Cuff: Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelets: glam ROK
Battenburg lace at its finest. Tablecloth chic, hell yes. Wouldn't you agree?
So, what's your verdict, my sweet readers? Are you hella in lurve with military green and ivory as I am or is it something you can do without? Well, either way it's still a huge staple in my closet right now and I can easily see it working its way into my fall wardrobe. In short, it ain't goin' nowhere! Catch ya on the flipside.
xoxo Andie

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Boyfriend Approved

One of my favorite things about the summer, aside from laying in the sun for hours on end, is wearing dresses! Short ones, long ones, midi ones - whatever, I don't discriminate. I got love for all shapes, sizes and silhouettes. In regards to my post title however, my boyfriend, like most men of the world does discriminate. Maxi dresses, as we've gone over before, are viewed as dressy and always garner a strange look whenever one is worn. But, this is the first real year of the midi dress; a length so unique that it is not long nor short, but just the right length above your ankles and below your knees.
 Dress: T by Alex Wang  Slip Dress: Rag & Bone Belt: Les Petites (Paris) Shoes: Jil Sander Bag: Balenciaga  Bracelets: glamROK
This Alex Wang dress is absolutely one of my favorite summer pieces. It's sheer, it's midi length, it's silk and I can wear it oh so many ways. Plus, it is the perfect summer to fall transition piece. I am totally envisioning this dress with some rad military platforms, a cropped sweater and a leather. 
 My perfect little red Balenciaga never fails me. Begging my mom for this bad boy at the ripe age of 16 was probably the smartest thing I did at that age. Oh, and the vibrant red color, tres chic (nice choice, 16 year old me).
And so, I am quite positive that this perfect dress will most definitely be yet another boyfriend approved outfit. As we all know, there is nothing I adore more than the odd look or joke to let me know that this has been yet another job well done. So girls, head on out in your new midi dresses and get yours boyfriend approved, too! 
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Citrus Dreamin'

I've been long lusting over Stella McCartney's Spring/Summer 2011 collection since it's initial debut months ago. I've waited, and waited, AND WAITED for my favorite citrus print dress to go on sale so that I may hopefully purchase that beautiful piece of citrus fruit inspired clothing (top & pants shown below).
 image via
Much to my serious dismay, my citrus dress of dreams is nowhere to be found in my size ... my citrusy (yes, I just made that word up) dreams were killed. I thought my life was over until I stumbled upon this wonderful, amazeballs piece at Zara. Now, don't get your hopes up, it's not Stella - but hey, it's pretty damn close and I like it, I tell ya! Please don't get me wrong, I'm no big fan of knock offs, but let's be real peeps, it's the fashion industry - it's a cycle, or a chain, ya catch my drift, eh? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, especially when it comes to certain citrus printed products!
 Top: Zara
Not too shabby, huh?
 Pants: Zara Shoes: Louboutin Crystal Bracelet: F21 Spike Bracelet: Rachel Rachel Roy Watch: Michael Kors Necklace: Aqua
You have to admit, the pants are pretty dope aren't they? The perfect mix between orange and red, Hollywood waist (thanks Mom), gold snap detail and wide leg - what more could I possibly ask for in a pant?

 Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm ... nothing a solid studded Louboutin can't do for an outfit.
I spy with my little eye...a red Balenciaga in the background! 
Before I say farewell, I know you must all be thinking, how could I not have anything to say in regards to my boyfriend's response to this top?! It can't be! You're right - it can't be and that's because he hasn't seen it yet (until now)! I will say, however, upon debuting this top with my adorable JBrand cutoffs and flat sandals (chic) at work, I was compared to someone's mother's table cloth from their youth. Good enough, for ya? Hope so because it was definitely good enough for me! 
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Wondering what I'm referencing in the above title? Come on, you guys know don't?! Hello! SHAMWOW - you know that silly infomercial. Whatever, I'm talking about amazo camo, as in camouflage. I'm not sure what it is about this military inspired and totally bad ass print that draws me in every time; perhaps it's ability to lend a certain edge to any ensemble? Could be...yeah, that's most likely it.
Here's an example...
 Jacket: Banana Republic Dress: Aritzia Shoes: Rochas
Crystal Bracelets: F21 Watch: Michael Kors Necklaces: Ettika, from Greece
Take this sweet little maxi dress - I stumbled upon this rad store, Aritzia in Soho a while back while shopping with my mom and fell in love with this sand washed silk maxi dress (among many other pieces). It's the perfect combination of casual and chic and the summer dress. My first immediate thought was to pair it with one of my military vests (no brainer) but I loved the edge that this camo jacket added.
It's hard to tell in these pictures, but the bottom of the dress has the slightest blue tint to it which I adore. It's the little things in life, really.

Often times, when I wear a maxi dress, my boyfriend asks the age old question, "What's the occasion?" or "Where are you going in that?". Silly boyfriend, maxis are for casual outings too! Duh, I mean who doesn't know that.
 Doesn't my hair look awesome?
And with that, I bid you all adieu. Until tomorrow friends!
xoxo Andie

Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Wear Silk Pantelones

Okay, okay, so I know I have been really letting you all down due to not many posts but I've been sick! Really, I have. Total bummer. But to make it up to you I have a How To post today to help you all in the outfit department.

So, I've been seriously into printed silk pants lately and picked up a no joke bad ass leopard pair as well as today's rad red pair. Today's featured pants are so rad in fact, they have been mistaken not once, not twice, but THREE times for pajama pants. Total. Win. For those of you salivating over a pair but unsure of how to wear them, your problem is solved. Let's take these bad boys down nice & easy:
 Top: Walmart Pants: Zara Shoes: Chanel
Here's how for those of you who may not be so adventurous or willing to be looked at strangely when walking down the street. Understandable. Pair said pants (extra style points if they look very close to pajama pants) with a plain top and a "quiet" pair of shoes. This way, you aren't taking any attention away from your dope ass pants and you may still be viewed as normal in your boyfriend's eyes. However, this is a big maybe, I've never seen a pair of printed pants get passed a boyfriend's laser eyes. Good luck to you, sister.
Bracelet: F21 Watch: Michael Kors
An important piece in keeping this outfit together are your accessories! Don't leave home without them. Pile on your arm candy jewels, double up on your watches, layer your necklaces, go wild!
Oh, & while you're piling on your accessories, encourage your man to do the same a la Arm Candy 2.0. Bracelets, not just for girls. 
Top: Gap Shoes: Steven Lg Evil Eye Necklace: Ettika Small Evil Eye Necklace: from Greece
Beaded bracelet: glamROK 
 ANNNDDDDD here's how for all you radical & funky fashionistas! 
Add a printed top; I chose this cute striped one from the Gap. Don't be afraid to mix your prints - the wilder, the better. Trust.
See, I told you. Now add a pair of wild (literally) shoes. Leopard to-ter-ly does this trick with these pants.

I'm pretty positive this will be a boyfriend unAPPROVED outfit. I'll be sure to wear it on my next date night with my unsuspecting boyfriend.
xoxo Andie