Monday, October 24, 2011

Hello, Lovah

And no, I'm not saying hello to you (although I do love you all so very much) I'm talking about my fabulous new pair of shoes, duh. Remember wayyyyy back when, when I told you all that I just adore gloating over a fabulous deal, well here I go again. I've been on the hunt for those to-die-for Theyskens' Theory pointy toe wedge pumps AND I finally got me a pair on Gilt for...wait for it...wait for it...$200! Haha, what do you say to that? Pays off to wait, huh. Okay, okay on to the shoes...
 Cape: Zara Blouse: Equipment Pants: Topshop Shoes: Theyskens' Theory Bracelet: Bijoux
Are you in love, come on I know you are. Let me just explain very quickly why I had to have these bad-ass pieces of foot candy. Simplicity. There, that's my explanation. Simple enough to be dressed down with a pair of jeans and a rad flannel shirt or dressed up with a super chic dress for a night out! What more could I ask for (nothing!)

xoxo Andie

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Long Overdue...

This post is so long overdue...oh, Style Sidewalk how I've missed you! And I'm so sure, how you've all missed MOI! No need for me to explain for the zillionth time about how busy I have been between being a real person in the working world and keeping up with Bijoux. So, I won't explain, but I kind of did. Oops. 
Moving on, my love of leopard continues in today's post (what's new), but today it is in the form of a super rad pencil skirt. Pencil skirt, that's so BORING, say YOU, but allow me to prove YOU wrong. Pair said pencil skirt with a ridiculously holy holey t-shirt and some Frankenstein boots, as my dear old Daddy calls them, and voila, boring no more.
 Tee: See by Chloe Skirt: J.Crew Shoes: Sam Edelman Cuff: Dannijo
While I wouldn't exactly equate these wanna-be, but albeit, bad ass knock off Balenciaga Sam Edelman's to Frankenstein boots, they do make me abnormally tall. Amazon tall, if you will. Just ask my boyfriend, he'll vouch for me, especially considering I received the coveted "face of disgust" from him once he saw me. SCORE!
Not too shabby, huh? I clean up well... Well, I clean up well in the morning, by the time I get home I usually look like this... Sue me!
I'll keep it short and sweet today - I'm off to set up for Bijoux's first partay tomorrow! 
xoxo Andie

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Work Week Warrior

Yes, that's me. Your very own work week warrior - go me, for making it out of my first week alive! Okay, I'm exaggerating I'm actually in L-O-V-E with my place of work and I couldn't be happier. So there (I'm sticking out my tongue), to all you negative Nancys out there who loathe working. I know I kinda, sorta promised a photo journal of my work outfits but it has been crazy busy so today I am presenting my Thursday outfit. Better late than never, right? RIGHT?
 Tee: Vince Pants: Zara Shoes: Zara Necklace: Aqua
 I'm obsessed with these shoes. Snakeskin down the back and to the heel, suede around the bottom, nude/beige patent leather at the top and they are topped off with adorable leather tassels. Oh, did I mention that they're cut out on the side as well? Pret-ty rad - run, DO NOT WALK, to go pick up these shoes are your closest Zara OR get them online. You're welcome.
BraceletsBijoux Bracelets
Okay, I need to talk about the newest Bijoux arm candy. Aside from that bad ass teal green color of the bead, the neon beads were handcrafted and painted AND imported from Thailand. SO. AWESOME. Throw some skulls into the mix and some crystal blingy bling and you're good to go.
Off to planning my work wardrobe for this week - I promise I'll be better. 
xoxo Andie