Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You're Striping me Wild!

Get it? Striping me wild, instead of driving me wild! Haha, I kill myself, really, I do. So major lack of posts this week - my sincerest apologies. Life, man, it gets ya when you least expect it. 
Today I was feeling like my usual self and by usual I mean I was ready to throw on some nautical stripes and call it a day. But how can I take this look that I could probably wear for days on end, to a new level? Oh, I know - pair it with a classic, ladylike blush skirt with knife pleats. Hello, that was a no brainer!
 Top: H&M Skirt: Club Monaco Shoes: Pierre Hardy x Gap Necklace: Style Shop @ FIT Snake Cuff: Roberto Cavalli x H&M Bangle: J Crew Friendship Bracelet: Banana Republic
I've said it before and I sure as hell will say it again, I adore, am in love, can't get enough of the ladylike simplicity of this skirt! The pale blush color, the delicate pleats and the (currently unseen) grosgrain detail at the waistband make it the perfect knee length skirt that can seriously be paired with any pair of shoes and any top.

 Some of my favorite funky pieces of jewelry came from the Style Shop @ FIT or from the flea markets that were held on Thursdays there.
What a great piece of photography - shot by none other than .... my mom. I especially love the plant inching in on my picture. Perfect! I kid, I kid, you're the best, Mom! I love your photography skillZ.
Time for me to say Adios, but one more thing...
Peep my guest blogger editorial on the totally rad men's style site The Swag Mag.
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sheer for Sure

Street style and blogs are my favorite way to trend spot. I'm loving the overdose of sheer that I have been seeing everywhere lately because there is nothing sexier than wearing nothing but granny undies underneath a sheer skirt. I kid about that being sexy, but hey, if it works for you go for it. Black, sheer and leopard - these ladies stole my heart. I hope they steal yours too.

photos via streetfsn

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's Hot

It's so hot that I can't even think of a witty or (in my own opinion) clever post title. Whatever. The weather is unbearably stifling so let's be real, ain't no layering going on today. Well, except for accessories, but that's it! Seriously. I barely made it home alive today.
 Dress: H&M Boots: Rag&Bone
Getting some air. The only logical way to dress today was to wear a tent-like dress and perhaps trick people into thinking I was pregnant at the same time? This dress also doubles as a make shift air conditioner. How so, you ask? Well, any slight breeze brings the dress right up causing two things: 
1. Every stranger walking passed me gets flashed
2. I am instantly cooled
You win some, you lose some. It's all good.
Beaded Bracelets: glamROK Crystal Bracelets: F21 Ring: glamROK 
Beaded Pearl Clover & Beaded Evil Eye Bracelets: Jewelry by Anastasia
And with this, I conclude today's post. Stay cool, people. Literally.
xoxo Andie

Friday, July 15, 2011

Deanna's Got It, Do You?

I know I skipped last week's Street Style but this week's feature girl will totally make up for lost time. Anything that even remotely reminds me of the 70's is a total win (#winning) in my book and Deanna's rocking quite the bell bottom in her white JBrand Martinis.
 Top: Torn by Ronny Kobo Jeans: JBrand
Check out those bottoms, baby (I'm talking about the bottom of her jeans not her butt you pervs)! I love it. I also love the background, really. Let's gawk some more at Deanna's awesome outfit.
 Jacket/Vest: Bird Sunglasses: Gucci
I love her, what a model. Model, I tell ya! Look at those legs. I'm sure if my boyfriend saw her, he would liken her too, to Jack Skellington as he did with me when I wore the same jeans in black. Let's focus on my second favorite part of this outfit: the jacket/vest! Military inspired? Camouflage or olive green? You had me at military. I'm in lust, head over heels for it all. This lightweight version is perfect for the summer since it's linen and totally breathable, no sweat stains included here people. In all seriousness though, it really tops off an already perfectly pulled together look. Hats off to ya, Deanna.

If you think know your style is rad and bad, show me!
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I'm waaaiiitttinnngggg.....
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What to Wear to... A Summer BBQ

It's the summer (obviously) and you've actually been invited somewhere! I'm kidding, I am so positive that you are all little social butterflies. Anyway, you're going to a BBQ party AND...what the hell do you wear? Well, I have solved that problem for you in a mixture of funk, fashion and comfort. You are quite welcome. Check it.
 Blouse: Equipment Shorts: J Brand Belt: Gap Shoes: Rochas

So, you may be thinking why do I think this is such a rad outfit for a BBQ soiree? Well, for starters it is super easy and comfortable so you can eat as much food as you want without having to embarrassingly hide your food baby. No biggie, I get them all the time. Also, the pairing of the soft silk blouse with the harder look of the cutoffs (show off those tan legs, hello) topped with the skinny neon belt & flatform espadrilles ... I mean, we are talking a serious look here without even trying, people!

Evil Eye Necklace: Ettika Chain Necklace: Aqua
I'm watching you, so don't make any faces behind my back. My third eye will totally see and tattle-tale on you, so watch it! Seriously. I'm not kidding.
 Special prize for the first person to spot Tigre in this picture. If you don't know who Tigre is, well figure it out for yourself!

Bracelets, from left: Rachel Rachel Roy, glamROK x 3, F21, glamROK
No outfit is complete without an insane amount of arm candy. This can also serve as dessert for the party. Looks delicious but is totally not fattening. Everyone will love you for it!
xoxo Andie

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Inspiration...inspirASIAN. Get it? Do you?! I hope so. I got this super rad Bird romper the other day and I have to say, I may be slightly obsessed. The top is very kimono like, with super wide sleeves, hence, my inspirASIAN post title today. Oh, I'm so clever, aren't I? The print is kind of funky, yet muted by the color palette which makes it an easy summer into fall piece. Throw on some black tights, thigh high boots, and a leather and I'm pretty sure I'll be good to go. Actually, I know that I'll be good to go. Yeah, I got it like that.
Romper: Bird Vest: Club Monaco Shoes: Tory Burch
 Even alone, this romper is totally bad-ass. Come on, there is no denying it. I love it even more because it's silk, which always gives a garment the perfect drape on your bod. I mean, look how awesome I look.
Beaded Bracelets: glamROK Bangles: Style Shop at FIT
Once again, it's love. Enough arm candy to satisfy my sweet tooth...until tomorrow, that is.
Hey, cool, wow, look at me! Nothing attracts my boyfriend more than rompers. You guys remember the romper side effect right? No?! Mom ass, sillies. Mom ass or not, I am willing to take the risk. Rompers are totally worth it, except for when you have to go to the bathroom, then...not so much. But whatever, let's not think about that! You probably won't even get that far because your boyfriend will refuse to take you out in this bad boy. See, problem solved!
Romp away fashionistas! See ya.
xoxo Andie

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Neon Accents, Just a Thought

If you're thinking that I am talking about adding a neon glowing headband to an outfit then ... you're right! Kidding. Seriously, I am. I am really referring to adding touches of neon to an already colorful outfit to give it even more bite (and even more ammo for your boyfriend to crack jokes about you all night).
Dress: Rag & Bone Belt: Gap Cardigan: New York & Co Shoes: YSL Bangle: Hermes Bracelets: glamROK

SO - as you can see, my neon accent is actually this rad belt my mom bought me. Thanks mom, I love you; I love you even more when you buy me stuff. Yes, you CAN buy my love. Kidding, again. But feel free to send gifts if you reeeaallly love me. Back to topic, I digress at times. Basically, if lime green and neon yellow got married (or didn't but I'm traditional, ya know) and had baby, it'd be the color of my belt. 
I totally love how the belt stands out against the wild colors and print of this Rag & Bone dress. By far, this dress is one of my favorites that I've bought from Rag & Bone this season...but then again, I say that about every piece I buy from them. Whatever. Don't judge.

You may be asking yourself, why neon? I'm saying, why NOT neon...I mean really. REALLY! How the hell else are you going to garner attention for yourself?! I'm so sure that you're all beautiful, but step your outfit game up girlfran. Trust.
Time for bed, I have to be up bright and early tomorrow for a grueling day of ... tanning at the beach. I'm sorry if you're secretly wanting to kidnap and torture me tonight, I really am. But, remember that if you do, who will keep you fabulously entertained and updating Style Sidewalk? (I think I just saved my own life, phew). Okay, I'm being weird. Goodnight.
xoxo Andie
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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Leather is Better

It's a cool 97 million degrees today in NYC, so what's the best way to stay cool?  Hmm, how about leather?! Is that a no? Well think again. Sure it might be a teensy bit hot, but why not stick it out and throw on some leather shorts, or a leather skirt! Come on, I know you want to. I did it, so you can too!
Dress (worn as top): H&M Shorts: Bird Shoes: Converse  Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane 
Bangle: Hermes Bracelets: glam ROK
Man do I love me some leatha shorts. I love them so much, I'll even wear them while walking Tigre. I'll even wear them to sleep! Just kidding about wearing them to sleep. And seriously, they're really not that hot, really!
Oh and when pairing your favorite button down blouse with you leather, please don't forget to be sure to button it up all the way to the neck. Who cares if you're sweaty, you look totally dope! I mean if you're gonna go for it, go for the gold baby.
xoxo Andie

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Print Magic

My love of prints continues in today's post. How can you take an already rad outfit and (yes) make it even radder? Mix. Prints. Simple, right? I love the way mixed prints look wild yet chic at the same time, and I also love the reaction from my boyfriend. I especially love if he refuses to walk out of the house with me. YES! Once again, a job well done by me. I enjoy congratulating myself from time to time.
Top: Jaloux Skirt: Aqua Belt: YSL Shoes: Steven Bracelets: glamROK & street vendor
When it comes to mixing prints, I say anything goes! The wilder, the crazier, the more your boyfriend loathes your outfit, the better. Add some neon nails to the outfit to really kick it up.
My eyes look all kind of crazy...that's self done red-eye reduction for ya. I'm no professional people, what do you want from me!
I love how high my eyebrow is arched, talk about sexy. Oh, and can I also point out how I love anything and everything with pockets? I mean, how  awesome is it to walk around with your hands in your pockets?! I love it, really I do--I can't get enough of pocket and hand action. Match made in heaven, I tell ya.
xoxo Andie

Monday, July 4, 2011

What's More American Than Denim?

The answer to my post title is...NOTHING! Happy Fourth of July everybody!!! A toast to the land of the free and the beautiful. To salute and wish the good ole U.S of A the happiest of birthdays, I'll be modeling a classic American look, denim (on denim). Because what better way to show your patriotism than through layers of denim?
Denim Jacket: Primark (London) Denim Vest: Zara (Paris) Dress (worn as skirt): Theory  Shoes: Louboutin Bangle: Hermes Bracelets: glamROK & street vendor
Now, am I totally doing justice to the classic American look or what?! My favorite part about this outfit is that it can be deconstructed and still look just as good as separates. I love to wear the vest open over & under various pieces for a different look every time; it's the perfect layering piece. 

xoxo Andie

Friday, July 1, 2011

RoulZ is Rad

Today's Street Style post features one of my BFFs (told you I had friends). Her name is Roula, but you can call her RoulZ like me...now we are all best friends forever and ever! Add some layers to our outfits and we can all be BFFILs! Hooray! If you don't know what a BFFIL is, please see THIS POST. Moving on to my totally fashionable feature girl:
 Tee: Forever 21 Skirt: Gryphon Necklace: Danielle Stevens Silver Jewelry: David Yurman Beaded Bracelets: glamROK Shoes: Jimmy Choo Sunglasses: Tom Ford
My two favorite people (yes, Tigre is a person NOT a dog). My dog is a camera hog & it was extremely hard to take pictures without her jumping in them. It's all good though, Roul, she makes you look even better.
Enough about my obsession with Teegs and Roula, let's talk why I featured her (and no, not just because she's my BFF). THAT SKIRT, THOSE SHOES! The simplicity of the outfit is effortlessly chic and can be worn day to night. We all know how I love easy outfits. Here's a closer look...
The mermaid-like style of the skirt and the print kind of (kind of) reminds me of fish scales & the movement of the skirt flows like water, it's simply beyond. Paired like Roula has it, with a simple white tee and a statement necklace, it's the perfect outfit for, say, a day of shopping! Like we just had!
These amazing Jimmy Choo wedges were added on at my house; she wore adorable Tory Burch flip flops while we shopping. The texture on the wedge of these shoes and the contrast of the colors against the skirt is to-ter-ly perfect! I bet you wish your BFF was as fashionable as mine. Sorry, she's taken!
Don't forget, if you want to become famous and know for you amazeballs style, let me know!
xoxo Andie