Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Hairy Affair

Okay, well it wasn't so much a hairy affair as it was an actual hair affair. A hair affair as in a love affair, as in I am in love with my hair. Get it? Cool. I visited my absolute favorite and only salon I will go to in all of NYC, New Image, in Astoria, for a seriously rad style sesh. Check it, yo.
 Dope half fishbone braid into beachy waves...
And um, not to toot my own horn (which you know that I love to do) but, how about that color? I'm obsessed I won't lie. And I guess it's not tooting my own horn since I actually didn't perform any type of color or highlighting, but you catch my drift, no?
Haircolor, highlights and haircut by Chris
New Image
 Top: Zara (Greece) Shorts: Bird by Juicy Couture Cuff: Dannijo Bracelets: Bijoux Bracelets Necklaces: From Greece
This totally bad ass style by Dimitri

A big thank you to my AHMAZE hair masters Chris and Dimitri for making me look even more rad than I normally do (insert laugh here).
Check out New Image on Facebook HERE and call to make your appointment with any one of their amazing, expert stylists!
xoxo Andie


amalia said...

Eisai mia koukla! :* :*

style sidewalk said...

Thank you agapi mou!