Tuesday, September 13, 2011

NYFW Faves Part Two

So many shows to view, so little time! I know it's fashion week and I've kind of been slacking on posting, but Bijoux Bracelets has kind of taken over right now. The amount of orders coming in is somewhat overwhelming, but in a good way! I'm excited to keep sharing the progress and growth of this new business with you all!

Moving on to my current favorite shows. Let's start today with a super rad designer that I've been loving for a while now, Chris Benz.
I adore the prints I saw throughout his collection and the layering techniques he used when styling. How chic with a touch of cool girl "swag". Hehe, yes I just said swag, WEIRD! The collection was a neutral palette throughout with bursts of color that just made the entire look seem completed. I also really loved the super wide leg pants, nothing screams boyfriend approved like pants that look like oversize sacks over each leg. YES.

Now, let's talk Preen. I have always been a fan of Preen's streamlined and classic silhouettes with a touch of edginess in design. For spring, I saw what seemed to be Preen's girliest and frilliest collection to date but it worked with the elegant and sophisticated silhouettes and looks. Take a look for yourselves...
My favorite look here is the printed crop top with the amazingly tailored pants; work approp? Sure, why not! Nothing says professional like a bare midriff. Okay I kid about that look being work appropriate, but regardless, I'm in love.
Moving on to another one of my favorite designers Zero + Maria Cornejo. I had the privilege of meeting the designer, Maria Cornejo, on a few occasions while interning at Barneys, and what an amazing woman! Each season, I am more amazed with her designs and use of texture and textiles. 
Spring 2012 is definitely a favorite of mine.
From her unique and wild prints, to the amazing silhouettes that seemingly no other designer can replicate, I could see myself in every piece! Her go to silk dresses were, as usual, amazing in pops of bright colors like the purple shown above, or with hints of prints. Her pieces had great fluidity and the color palette while a bit diverse, worked well together. Another great collection!

Lastly, a new favorite, Timo Weiland 's first runway show!

First, let me say I am obsessed with the bevy of crop tops with skirts that came down that runway! Yes, yes and YES! The floral digital prints worked perfectly and could not have been done better; the silhouettes shown were pure perfection. Of course, the hints of sheer that are shown always get me, because, you know, sheer is a shoe in! The more muted colors worked great with the separate brighter looks that came out, like a beautiful orangey/red mini cocktail dress. I absolutely loved each look and find that this collection is completely, 100% wearable. First dibs on the white sheer dress!
All photos via Style.com
xoxo Andie

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