Friday, September 2, 2011

Dinner for Schmucks

What I mean is dinner with schmucks, and by schmucks I mean some of my best friends (RoulZ was too busy being social elsewhere). My friends are seriously some of the greatest and funniest people I have ever met and if you thought I was funny, oh baby wait until you hang out with us as a group. For example, the fabulous Amy coined kitten heels as "chicken nugget heels". I mean, I thought that was pretty genius. And for the record, I can safely say I don't think I will ever be seen in chicken nugget heels - I just can't get into it. Moving on...
We went down to Corsino Cantina in meatpacking for an "OMG, I DIE" type of meal, oh, and wine of course. I love this place because of its simple but delicious food and even  more delicious wine selection.

 Amazing array of various crostini - yum, yum, yum.
How beautiful is this pasta? Like for reals - basil pesto with arugula, pecorino and mushroom. 
Of course after we ate, I had to have a mini photo shoot. My darling friend Benny was a great photographer. Shout out to you Bens, thanks for being so rad.
You guys know I love me a good tent like dress...
 Especially if it has a tail! Weeee

 Silver w Red Cuff: Black House White Market Beaded Bracelets: Made by me (click me, click me!) Crystal Cuff: Dannijo Leather Wrap Bracelet: Juicy Couture
Obv no outfit is complete without some serious arm candy. I was loving last night's look, oh and I also love Benny's dope shoes in the pic too. Wouldn't you agree?
Enjoy the weekend peeps!
xoxo Andie


amalia said...

Hello my sweetie!!!You look amazing here!Love the red dress!BTW thank u so much for the comment! :* :*

Love Amalia

style sidewalk said...

Thank you!!! How great is that color red?! Ugh, I die for it!

xx andie