Friday, July 15, 2011

Deanna's Got It, Do You?

I know I skipped last week's Street Style but this week's feature girl will totally make up for lost time. Anything that even remotely reminds me of the 70's is a total win (#winning) in my book and Deanna's rocking quite the bell bottom in her white JBrand Martinis.
 Top: Torn by Ronny Kobo Jeans: JBrand
Check out those bottoms, baby (I'm talking about the bottom of her jeans not her butt you pervs)! I love it. I also love the background, really. Let's gawk some more at Deanna's awesome outfit.
 Jacket/Vest: Bird Sunglasses: Gucci
I love her, what a model. Model, I tell ya! Look at those legs. I'm sure if my boyfriend saw her, he would liken her too, to Jack Skellington as he did with me when I wore the same jeans in black. Let's focus on my second favorite part of this outfit: the jacket/vest! Military inspired? Camouflage or olive green? You had me at military. I'm in lust, head over heels for it all. This lightweight version is perfect for the summer since it's linen and totally breathable, no sweat stains included here people. In all seriousness though, it really tops off an already perfectly pulled together look. Hats off to ya, Deanna.

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