Sunday, July 10, 2011

Neon Accents, Just a Thought

If you're thinking that I am talking about adding a neon glowing headband to an outfit then ... you're right! Kidding. Seriously, I am. I am really referring to adding touches of neon to an already colorful outfit to give it even more bite (and even more ammo for your boyfriend to crack jokes about you all night).
Dress: Rag & Bone Belt: Gap Cardigan: New York & Co Shoes: YSL Bangle: Hermes Bracelets: glamROK

SO - as you can see, my neon accent is actually this rad belt my mom bought me. Thanks mom, I love you; I love you even more when you buy me stuff. Yes, you CAN buy my love. Kidding, again. But feel free to send gifts if you reeeaallly love me. Back to topic, I digress at times. Basically, if lime green and neon yellow got married (or didn't but I'm traditional, ya know) and had baby, it'd be the color of my belt. 
I totally love how the belt stands out against the wild colors and print of this Rag & Bone dress. By far, this dress is one of my favorites that I've bought from Rag & Bone this season...but then again, I say that about every piece I buy from them. Whatever. Don't judge.

You may be asking yourself, why neon? I'm saying, why NOT neon...I mean really. REALLY! How the hell else are you going to garner attention for yourself?! I'm so sure that you're all beautiful, but step your outfit game up girlfran. Trust.
Time for bed, I have to be up bright and early tomorrow for a grueling day of ... tanning at the beach. I'm sorry if you're secretly wanting to kidnap and torture me tonight, I really am. But, remember that if you do, who will keep you fabulously entertained and updating Style Sidewalk? (I think I just saved my own life, phew). Okay, I'm being weird. Goodnight.
xoxo Andie
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