Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Print Magic

My love of prints continues in today's post. How can you take an already rad outfit and (yes) make it even radder? Mix. Prints. Simple, right? I love the way mixed prints look wild yet chic at the same time, and I also love the reaction from my boyfriend. I especially love if he refuses to walk out of the house with me. YES! Once again, a job well done by me. I enjoy congratulating myself from time to time.
Top: Jaloux Skirt: Aqua Belt: YSL Shoes: Steven Bracelets: glamROK & street vendor
When it comes to mixing prints, I say anything goes! The wilder, the crazier, the more your boyfriend loathes your outfit, the better. Add some neon nails to the outfit to really kick it up.
My eyes look all kind of crazy...that's self done red-eye reduction for ya. I'm no professional people, what do you want from me!
I love how high my eyebrow is arched, talk about sexy. Oh, and can I also point out how I love anything and everything with pockets? I mean, how  awesome is it to walk around with your hands in your pockets?! I love it, really I do--I can't get enough of pocket and hand action. Match made in heaven, I tell ya.
xoxo Andie

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