Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What to Wear to... A Summer BBQ

It's the summer (obviously) and you've actually been invited somewhere! I'm kidding, I am so positive that you are all little social butterflies. Anyway, you're going to a BBQ party AND...what the hell do you wear? Well, I have solved that problem for you in a mixture of funk, fashion and comfort. You are quite welcome. Check it.
 Blouse: Equipment Shorts: J Brand Belt: Gap Shoes: Rochas

So, you may be thinking why do I think this is such a rad outfit for a BBQ soiree? Well, for starters it is super easy and comfortable so you can eat as much food as you want without having to embarrassingly hide your food baby. No biggie, I get them all the time. Also, the pairing of the soft silk blouse with the harder look of the cutoffs (show off those tan legs, hello) topped with the skinny neon belt & flatform espadrilles ... I mean, we are talking a serious look here without even trying, people!

Evil Eye Necklace: Ettika Chain Necklace: Aqua
I'm watching you, so don't make any faces behind my back. My third eye will totally see and tattle-tale on you, so watch it! Seriously. I'm not kidding.
 Special prize for the first person to spot Tigre in this picture. If you don't know who Tigre is, well figure it out for yourself!

Bracelets, from left: Rachel Rachel Roy, glamROK x 3, F21, glamROK
No outfit is complete without an insane amount of arm candy. This can also serve as dessert for the party. Looks delicious but is totally not fattening. Everyone will love you for it!
xoxo Andie

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