Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Leather is Better

It's a cool 97 million degrees today in NYC, so what's the best way to stay cool?  Hmm, how about leather?! Is that a no? Well think again. Sure it might be a teensy bit hot, but why not stick it out and throw on some leather shorts, or a leather skirt! Come on, I know you want to. I did it, so you can too!
Dress (worn as top): H&M Shorts: Bird Shoes: Converse  Necklace: Kenneth Jay Lane 
Bangle: Hermes Bracelets: glam ROK
Man do I love me some leatha shorts. I love them so much, I'll even wear them while walking Tigre. I'll even wear them to sleep! Just kidding about wearing them to sleep. And seriously, they're really not that hot, really!
Oh and when pairing your favorite button down blouse with you leather, please don't forget to be sure to button it up all the way to the neck. Who cares if you're sweaty, you look totally dope! I mean if you're gonna go for it, go for the gold baby.
xoxo Andie

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