Saturday, August 20, 2011

The 3 Way Rule

If you're thinking something dirty, well, you're...WRONG, pervos! I have had this little rule for as long as I can remember for when I go shopping: if I can't envision myself wearing a specific garment 3 ways or more, I bow my sad little head, return said garment to its rightful rack, say my final goodbye and shed a tear (or two). Now, this rule doesn't apply to everything, use your discretion peeps. I'm talking dresses, rompers, certain tops, etc. Ya catch my drift?

Want to see the 3 Way Rule in action?! Of course you do!
Ready, set, GO!!!!
Here is the dress in question. A pretty black and white Maggie Ward number. But, will it succeed and make it past the 3 Way Rule? Let's find out.

Way 1: To work
Blazer: Zara Shoes: Chanel Cuff: Dannijo  Bangle: Hermes
How's this for a great work-wear look? Um, it's GREAT, duh! Simple, chic and easy, what more could you ask for? 
Now, say your friends want to go for drinks (because I know you have a rockin' social life) after work; how ever will we transform this dress into night time approp (as in appropriate). Allow me...

Way 2: After work drinky drinks
 Leather jacket: Monogram by Banana Republic Booties: Bottega Veneta Cuff: White House Black Market
Wawaweewa, very nice! Quick change of shoes and jacket, addition of some more jewels and you're transformed into a woman of the night! Hahah, oh I'm just kidding, you're not a woman of the night, I am! Here I go, kidding again. I'm not a woman of the night either. Really, I'm not. All jokes aside, I'd say this is one rad day to night look, eh? We're getting closer...

Way 3: Swankerific Soiree 
 Shoes: YSL Rings: H&M, YSL Necklace: Aqua
 Belt: JCrew
New dress? Nope, just the addition of the hidden (leopard, of course) belt and voila! A shorter, sleeker version of the above! 
WHAT! We made it to 3, the dress is ours mine! But wait, pair as is for a quaint little party, or trick this badass dress out for a night on the town with your main squeeze friends, because we all know your boyfriend isn't going out with you looking this ...
 Necklace: Dannijo Boots: Louboutin
Side note: These are my boyfriend's favorite boots. Really, they are. He often takes pleasure in referring to them as the "Frankenstein" boots. Man, "Jesus" shoes, "Frankenstein" boots, I've got almost all the bases covered with him...
Hey, I think I just added a way on top of a way! So, is this way 3.5 or 4? Let's say 3.5 because it sounds much cooler. 
Any lessons learned here, kiddies? I hope so! 
Remember, it's 3 Way or the highway.
xoxo Andie

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