Monday, August 1, 2011

How to Wear Silk Pantelones

Okay, okay, so I know I have been really letting you all down due to not many posts but I've been sick! Really, I have. Total bummer. But to make it up to you I have a How To post today to help you all in the outfit department.

So, I've been seriously into printed silk pants lately and picked up a no joke bad ass leopard pair as well as today's rad red pair. Today's featured pants are so rad in fact, they have been mistaken not once, not twice, but THREE times for pajama pants. Total. Win. For those of you salivating over a pair but unsure of how to wear them, your problem is solved. Let's take these bad boys down nice & easy:
 Top: Walmart Pants: Zara Shoes: Chanel
Here's how for those of you who may not be so adventurous or willing to be looked at strangely when walking down the street. Understandable. Pair said pants (extra style points if they look very close to pajama pants) with a plain top and a "quiet" pair of shoes. This way, you aren't taking any attention away from your dope ass pants and you may still be viewed as normal in your boyfriend's eyes. However, this is a big maybe, I've never seen a pair of printed pants get passed a boyfriend's laser eyes. Good luck to you, sister.
Bracelet: F21 Watch: Michael Kors
An important piece in keeping this outfit together are your accessories! Don't leave home without them. Pile on your arm candy jewels, double up on your watches, layer your necklaces, go wild!
Oh, & while you're piling on your accessories, encourage your man to do the same a la Arm Candy 2.0. Bracelets, not just for girls. 
Top: Gap Shoes: Steven Lg Evil Eye Necklace: Ettika Small Evil Eye Necklace: from Greece
Beaded bracelet: glamROK 
 ANNNDDDDD here's how for all you radical & funky fashionistas! 
Add a printed top; I chose this cute striped one from the Gap. Don't be afraid to mix your prints - the wilder, the better. Trust.
See, I told you. Now add a pair of wild (literally) shoes. Leopard to-ter-ly does this trick with these pants.

I'm pretty positive this will be a boyfriend unAPPROVED outfit. I'll be sure to wear it on my next date night with my unsuspecting boyfriend.
xoxo Andie

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