Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rad in Plaid

Plaid practically runs through my veins, seriously. I may not be seen in it often come the summer months, but winter, spring, and fall I'm usually decked in some sort of plaid attire. To my surprise, plaid was still being shown on the Fall 2011 runways with various designers, Burberry and Thakoon among my faves.
 Burberry photo via
Thakoon photo via
Upon getting uber excited for fall weather, I thought that I would be nice and share with you all some of my favorite plaid pieces. I love these pieces so much that some are on my personal shopping list for the impending cooler weather. See how much I love you guys, I share with you my own, personal shopping list. Wow, that's pretty major. I'm just keeding with ya, I'd share anything with you guys. ANYTHING!!!! Okay, on to the good stuff...

Not too shabby, huh. I'm not sure what I'm obsessing over more, the Etoile Isabel Marant dress or the Rag & Bone bag! How rad is that bag; it is a definite fall must have for me. Oh, and let's not forget how adorable those plaid flats are! Let me be real for a minute, I am kind of dying for each and every piece! They're all just too good - they must be mine, all mine! 

I made myself a little too over excited for plaid fall wear, so excuse me while I online shop! (sorry, Mom). 
xoxo Andie


amalia said...

Nice post and thank u much for your comment!Are you from Greece???

style sidewalk said...

I'm not- I'm from New York. My boyfriend is Greek, his mom from Kerkyra. Going there and being around his fam I've picked up so much Greek that I'm Greek by association! Haha

Great blog, btw!

Xx andie

amalia said...

Hahaha!That's so cool Andie!I love your blog too!You have a new follower and I would love to know that you are mine also!Filakia polla!!!! heh!

style sidewalk said...

Kai ego :)