Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Layering Lesson

Today, I will teach you all my style secret: layer, layer, layer (okay, it's not really a secret)! Layer anything: jewelry, hair accessories, dresses, shirts, sweaters, scarves, whatever. Layer socks! Just do it, then look in the mirror & you'll be astonished at what a stylish reflection you have. You'll also be astonished by how disgusted and repulsed your boyfriend is at your new look. Hooray, you did it!
 Dress: Nanette Lepore Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Modern Vintage
Step One: Put on sexy dress, or a not sexy dress. Whatever floats your boat. My hair made me feel sexy today. Just kidding, I just like this dress. Add some dope shoes (like mine), some accessories (layering applies to accessories, too - remember what I just said above.)

  Shirt: Madewell Ring: Rachel Leigh Bracelets: glamROK
Step Two: Add a tot-ter-ly rad shirt. Preferably a button down or perhaps a cropped tee. Cropped tees or sweaters always look perfecto over dresses. Roll up the sleeves on your button down so you look even cooler.
Not bad, could it possibly get better? Yes!
 Vest: Club Monaco
Step Three: Add my your favorite vest. Today I chose my Club Monaco one, my original fave before the Rachel Roy one was introduced into my life. I've also found totally rad military style vests here.

Last step...THERE IS NONE! Look how cool I look, just lounging on this red loveseat in my perfectly layered look. I know you wish you were just lounging next to me, having my mom take pics of us together being totally BFFIL (best friends forever in layers). Class dismissed!
xoxo Andie

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