Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad to the Bone

It's time for me to spill out my intense feelings for my badass Rag & Bone romper. Rag & Bone has been on my radar for quite some time now, I mean it's no secret that the past few seasons have been killer for the design duo. I guess my love affair started about two years ago, & each season grew hotter and heavier (sorry Nicko, don't get mad -they don't compare to you, I swear!). I've pretty much been obsessed with every piece I've seen thus far; the details, the fit, the fabrication and hand of the garments are simply beyond.
Vest: Club Monaco Romper: Rag & Bone Sunglasses: Celine
How cool am I? Probably cooler than all of your friends and family combined, don't hate - your friends and family are still cool, though. The easiness of rompers (going to the bathroom excluded) is something I especially love. Slip one on and you've got an insta-look! Add a few accessories, some kick ass shoes and you're set. Please note, however the romper side effect: serious mom-ass...the things we sacrifice to be fashionable, oh well. Mom-ass aside (not you, Mom!), rompers are key for the summer season and you kind of can't go wrong.
 Ba Ba Ba Bad to the Rag&Bone baby. See how easy that was!
 This is how I look from the side. Also, I'm sure you all love my clothes hanging everywhere in my pictures.
 Shoes: Chanel
Even though my pretty little toes were itching to be put into summer sandals, I thought my ballet flats would be a nice touch to finish off the look. There is just something so elegant, yet fierce about classic Chanel ballet flats.
I couldn't leave this post tonight without an Instagram style pic of the bracelets I've been obsessed with, because I want you all to become obsessed as well. So go out, search high and low for a Mexican street vendor selling their handmade bracelets and buy the whole roll, then call me so I can take them all from you. 
xoxo Andie

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