Thursday, May 19, 2011

BNY, Day 2: 70's Glam & Blue Suede Shoes

Another day, another dollar. Except if you're an intern, specifically an intern in the fashion industry, than the "another dollar" part doesn't apply. It's Day 2 at BNY, one day away from my last. Insert sad face, maybe some violin music. Whatever. Aside from this delicious weather that has me sweating in the sweet smelling subways to later freezing my buns off in the office, I was channeling a very 70's glam rock vibe today.
 Why yes, I am admiring myself... problem?
Tres chic Beaded Bracelets: glamROK Gold Bracelet: Henri Bendel
Top: Club Monaco Jeans: J Brand Martinis
Shoes: Charlotte Ronson Necklace: Aqua

My what long legs you have! Well, thank you (yes, I just complimented myself AND replied to said compliment, so?) Now what is so great about the resurgence of 1970 inspired fashion, you ask? The bell bottoms baby (clicky on the J Brand linky!) Even for those of you who don't have legs for days, a great pair of fitted flare legs will surely elongate and slim even the shortest of legs! So much so, that your boyfriend might compare your look to that of Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, like mine did today (SCORE!) Aside from the compliment hidden inside this "insult" (and the great satisfaction I got thinking about how long and slim Jack's legs really are), a great flare leg will make you want to strut your stuff down the sidewalk; people will most likely mistake you for a model because you'll be looking so bad ass. You can all thank me later (not really, sing my praises NOW!)

 Perfect blue suede maryjanes with buckles up the likey!
(Sorry if I stained the wallpaper, Mom...but hey, I'm proud of you for taking your first good iPhone pics! My quest for a photographer has come to an end!!? I think) 
What else is it that I love about an extreme flare? Aside from the fact that, if done right, the look can be totally boyfriend cringe-worthy (insert Jack Skellington reference), there is just so much room to play around with your shoes! We're talking anything from a boot to a wedge to a sandal to a pump, whatever floats your boat. Just make sure you look beyond, because if you don't, I'm not taking the blame, sister.

Here's some 70's inspired fashion from the Spring 11 and Fall 11 Runways (in case I'm not enough inspiration for you)
 Mulberry F'11
 Marc Jacobs S'11
Chloe F'11
xoxo Andie

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