Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday's Endless Possibilites

No, my post title is not referring to my endless choices of things to do and places to go tonight, I am actually referring to my clothes (what else). By now, you all must realize I have a special relationship with my clothes and Saturday night is date night! (Just kidding, I'm not that weird, I'm just tired, OKAY!) I woke up this morning at the ungodly hour of 7 am and in my usual morning fashion, I stayed in bed until the very last possible second (not kidding when I say down to the second, possibly even millisecond), and then rushed to get through my morning routine (and by routine, I mean brush my teeth and try to make it out of the house looking semi-normal).
 Leather Jacket: All Saints Sunglasses: Yves Saint Laurent Ring: YSL
No, I'm not giving you, beloved readers, the finger (hello, my mom reads my blog, I'll get in trouble). I just happened to be adjusting my sunglasses while simultaneously taking this picture. Cool. Why am I wearing sunglasses you ask? Because it looks cool with my outfit, hello! I also haven't been able to wear sunglasses and my face was missing its all season BFF. 
 Flannel: Urban Renewal Dress: A.L.C.
Seriously, I am a little over the moon with the mesh insert detail on this dress. You don't expect it and then all of a sudden, its BAM...mesh in your face, baby! A.L.C. pieces are always perfect for that extra little something, and it doesn't hurt that the fit is always beyond, too. Simple jersey pieces are transformed into some of your most fashionable and versatile items in your closet. Go look, go buy, go obsess! Click Me! Click Me!
Well, well, well, look who it is... our good friend sunglasses again. I just can't help myself. This look screamed "I Need To Be Cooler". What's cooler than wearing sunglasses indoors? Wearing sunglasses indoors while inside your room while taking pictures of yourself. True Story. 

Shoes: Jil Sander
The simplicity of these Jil Sander sandals make them the easiest summer sandal I think I have ever worn. They're kind of that perfect, goes with the flow, pair me with anything, type of shoe and you can never go wrong with it. They are also often referred to as "Jesus shoes" by, you guessed it, my boyfriend. This makes me love them even more.

Remember that little "so long FIT, thanks for making the simplest tasks, near impossible" celebratory shopping trip I took with Shannon? Yeah, you better remember! Well, this pretty little skirt is one of my purchases from that day.
Skirt (worn as dress): Club Monaco Scarf (worn as turban): Alexander McQueen
This white, cotton gauze skirt is THE piece I have been looking for to add into my summer wardrobe. The possibilities are endless, especially when paired with a rad silk scarf (cough McQueen cough) worn as a turban. What makes this skirt so special, you ask? Well, first off, the fact that it's high - low makes my heart flutter; anything high-low and I am sold. It's white and come on, that's a given. AND I am totally getting my moneys worth. Quick! Name five ways to wear this: beach coverup! skirt! dress! maxi skirt! oddly long shirt?! Sure, why not! Run the look by your boyfriend, if he hates it, you're set!
The summer time does not = t-shirt time, it actually equals TURBAN TIME!
Shoes: Louboutin
Tan Towels done did my ankles wrong. Self tanning ankle FAIL ... learn from my mistakes.
These Loubs are ridiculously high, even for a wedge, but the gingham makes them so country-chic fun! The skirt/dress/cover up/maxi skirt/odd length shirt above was made to wear with these shoes, so who cares if I break my ankle in the process attempting to walk down the street looking somewhat chic? (As long as I look good doing it, right?)
 Look at that...the dress switched to a skirt and the turban turned into a normally worn scarf. MAGIC!
Top: French Connection Belt: YSL

I'm sure you all are hating on my life right now and wishing you too, were home playing in your closet, instead of trying to keep yourself entertained with those losers you call your friends. I'm just kidding, your friends aren't losers! I don't even know your friends...or maybe I do. I probably do. Whatever. Get inspired, have fun and take some risks!!
xoxo Andie

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