Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Living Leopard and In Charge

In case you haven't already noticed, I have a serious love of all things leopard. I never quite really classify leopard as a trend, I mean, when does it ever really go out of style? Never, duh! How ultimately cool does anyone look with just the right hint of leopard? It's all about moderation here; you don't want to really walk out of the house looking like you're wearing a giant leopard pelt all over your body, do you? I didn't think so (I hope). Add some red to punch up the leopard and you've got one MAHJAH (major, for those of you not fluent in fashion pronunciation) look.

 Top: H&M Pants: Zara
I like this picture. I look skinny. Don't hate.
 Shoes: Louboutin
My go to shoes for anything, no joke. Probably my only comfortable pair of Louboutin shoes and the fact that the red has worn off the soles and can't been found anywhere else on the shoe makes them perfect for those "I don't want to be flashy and obnoxious today" days. Ever have those?
Bangle: Hermes
A semi, but not really, close up of my slamming bangle. I especially love Hermes bangles because of all the intricate and careful detail on each and every bangle. They are serious pieces of artwork, sometimes I get lost in the crazy patterns. This bangle is comprised of muted tones, pale blue, cream, toned red and full of asymmetrical shapes. Trippy almost.
I call this, the "I'm wearing leopard and red, get at me" pose. Do something. (didn't think so) It's mostly aimed at my boyfriend, who normally cringes in disgust at most things I wear. Whenever I hear the coveted, "What the hell is that" slip from his mouth, it's like the skies parted and the angels are singing right into my sweet ears. I always smile in my head and tell myself that it was a well put together outfit. Little does he know his words of "dislike" really mean PERFECTION in my book. So thanks for being my best critic, babe. Love you!
Anyway, leopard is probably the easiest/hardest thing to experiment with but just know you probably look bad ass so don't listen to what anyone tells you (unless you really do look terrible, then change). And for those of you with boyfriends, remember, the cringe = success. VERY NICE!
xoxo Andie

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