Thursday, June 2, 2011

Moody Blues, Minus the Moody

Sorry to all my dear followers for the lack of posts...I was out East on Tuesday and got a sunburn that is still kicking my ass. I'm chilling in my birthday suit as much as possible, na'mean?! Okay, but for real my new Modern Vintage wedges came in yesterday and I knew I had to pair them with my outfit for work today and post for all my blog lovers!

 Shoes: Modern Vintage
Cognac leather with a textured blue wedge? Amazeballs! I couldn't wait to put these bad boys on my feet and stomp around the salon like it was nobody's business. What is it about a summer wedge that makes any outfit that much better? Who cares, you look dope!
Have you guys met my adorable, yet crazy pups Tigre? Probably not, since I do not know most (any) of you. Here she is trying to get in the spotlight, as per usual. She's amazing. I know you wish she was your dog, but she's not, so sorry, sucks to be you right now. Just kidding.
Dress: Cheap Monday Bracelet: Juicy Couture
Check out my mom's photography skills...I say she's getting better every time! Keep it up, Ma. So I decided to pair these wedges with this sack dress and punch up the dress with a suede blue belt. I was initially drawn to this dress because of its shapelessness, because what better way to look like a total trend setter than in a dress designed to look like a sack? The belt is a necessity with this dress, particularly because the slightest gust of wind will cause the front to fly open and expose my undies to the world. I'm not Britney guys, I can't pull that look off.
 Just admiring my shoes
 Belts: JCrew (leopard) Club Monaco (blue suede)
Want to make your friends even more jealous of your fabulous fashion fierceness (you like the triple F threat, don't you). Double up on your belts, girls! Extra security for those fly away dresses, extra fashion points with me. The double belt will have your boyfriends asking, "What the hell is wrong with you?" How much more assurance do you need to know you look F-A-B than that, I mean COME ON! Now excuse me while I get undressed and bask in the glory that is aloe vera lotion.

xoxo Andie

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