Thursday, June 30, 2011

Simple is as Simple Does

This is a post about a simple outfit. An outfit so simple, anyone can do it! Here's what you'll need: a blazer with extra exaggerated shoulders, check. A sheer pregnancy style top, preferably with crocheted detail, check. Military style shorts (extra points if they make you look like you have the flattest butt on Earth), check. Super unkempt hair, double check. 
Blazer: Bird Top: Club Monaco Shorts: DVF Shoes: L.A.M.B. Bracelets: glamROK & street vendor Necklace: from Greece Ring: YSL
There is nothing I adore more than extra large shoulder pads. Not only do you look chic, but you are also well protected should you ever need to a. push and shove your way through an unruly crowd b. act as a linebacker in an impromptu game of football
Juuuuuust admiring the inside lining of my blazer, and also my perfectly bronzed legs. See what several consectuive days at the beach can do for you. I can completely understand your jealousy right now, but don't worry, that's perfectly natural. 
I have to practice my lunges if I want to keep my legs in shape and keep you all jealous, duh! I'm just kidding about the keeping you all jealous part, but seriously, I was practicing my lunges.
1, 2, I'm coming for you - to hang out of course...why else would I be posing like this?
xoxo Andie
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